Time To Market_2019


整体色调为常磐墨绿色,加以秋色点缀,稳重大气。用流苏串以“唯吾知足”黄铜古钱币作为吊坠,钱币双面分别刻以“唯吾知足”、“长乐”。“唯吾知足”即知足者常乐,“长乐”即永久快乐。这一词语最早出现在汉朝的古钱币上,反映了中国古代人民朴素的心愿、寄托和追求,不但构思巧妙有趣而且寓意深刻。利用了方孔钱中间的方孔作“口”字偏旁,上、下、左、右共用一个“口”字,从右向下旋读是“唯吾知足”,从上向右旋读是“吾唯知足”。这种钱币只是一种“花钱”或“佩钱”,“花钱”始见于西汉,历代花钱是古代民俗文化、民间生活形态和时代生活理想的形象记录有重要的文献价值和收藏价值。 包装内含用信封装着的心意卡,正方两面配以不同文字,从古人“见信如晤”中延伸出“见礼如晤”的新概念,分别是“吾心为悟”,“见礼为晤”,即“心悟”与“礼晤”。

A package designed for the GIFT market.A new concept of "seeing things as presents" was extended from the ancient Chinese concept of "seeing things as presents".The products are mainly high-end tea ware. The tea room purifier can purify people's mind, thus extending "my heart is the mind".

Wu Brand is an enterprise selling high-end utensils in Fuzhou. The project focuses on the design of gift packaging for several of its high-end tea vessels made in silver, brass and enamel.The overall tone of dark green, decorated with autumn colors, to make stable atmosphere. With tassels strung with "Wei Wu Zhi Zu" brass ancient coins as pendants, Brass ancient coins is engraved on both sides with "Wei Wu Zhi Zu", "long happiness". "Wei Wu Zhi Zu" means contented people are always happy, "long happiness" means eternal happiness.This word first appeared on the ancient coins of Han Dynasty, which reflected the simple aspiration, consign and pursuit of ancient Chinese people, clever, interesting and profound.Use the square hole in the middle of the ancient coin to make "口" word side, up, down, left, right share a  "口" word side, from the right down to read is "Wei Wu Zhi Zu", from the top to the right to read is "Wu Wei Zhi Zu”.This ancient coin is just a kind of "decorating money" or "carrying money”,it was first seen in the Western Han Dynasty”. Decorating money in past dynasties is the image record of ancient folk culture, folk life form and life ideal, which has important document value and collection value.The package contains a greeting card in an envelope, with different characters on both sides. From the ancient “Jian Xin Ru Wu”(letters of note), a new concept of “Jian Li Ru Wu”(gift of note) is extended, they are respectively “Wu Xin Wei Wu”(my heart for enlightenment), “Jian Li Wei Wu”(meet at a ceremony), namely “Xin Wu”(illumination of the heart) and “Li Wu”(ritual meeting).