7654321Studio is an independent creative design integrated service studio. As an idea creator and storyteller, we provide design consulting services to clients in various fields.

In different periods, every brand will encounter problems and confusion. How to move forward in the confusion, how to find the direction in the changing environment, and how to break out in the increasingly fierce market are the problems that every brand should think about.

According to the characteristics of different brands, 7654321 Studio conducts two-way communication, listens, observes and feels various information. After being digested and sorted, fully interprets the brand and seeks a logical way to deliver information through visual communication and different media, so that the brand can talk with the consumer. Through concise and aesthetic way to tell the story, interpret the creativity, rebuild and update the relationship between the brand and its environment, provide more comprehensive services, strive to bring new value to the brand.

Design is the key to brand innovation and an important part of everyday life, which affects the way we face challenges. In our view, design is partly a diplomatic strategy, connecting people with different cultural backgrounds, resolving differences between different forces, and finally achieving effective results. We are willing to contact and cooperate with professionals in art, culture, business and other fields, feel the impact of design on life, feel the demand for design in this era, and feel that everything is moving forward.


2019 亚洲顶尖包装设计奖,1项设计奖 

2019 台湾金点设计奖,4项入围奖 

2019 澳门设计奖,7项入围奖 

2020 纽约艺术指导俱乐部ADC设计奖,1项优胜奖 

2020 意大利A设计奖,1项银奖、1项铜奖 

2020 英国黄铅笔D&AD设计奖,1项入围奖 

2020 全球包装设计奖,1项设计奖 

2020 韩国K设计奖,4项入围奖 

2021 意大利佛杰歌尼顶尖设计奖,1项入围奖 

2021 巴黎DNA设计奖,2项设计奖 

2021 亚洲设计大奖,2项入围奖 

2019 Topawards Asia,1 Design Award 

2019 Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award,4 Finalist Awards 

2019 Macau Design Award,7 Finalist Awards 

2020 New York Art Directors Club Annual Awards,1 Merit Award 

2020 Italy A'Design Award,1 Silver Award、1 Bronze Award 

2020 UK D&AD New Blood Awards,1 Finalist Award 

2020 Pentawards,1 Design Award 

2020 Korea K-Design Award,4 Finalist Awards 

2021 Italy FEDRIGONI TOP AWARD,1 Finalist Award 

2021 Paris DNA Design Awards,2 Design Awards 

2021 Korea Asia Design Prize,2 Finalist Awards


2018 《品牌创意呈现5》 2019 《亚洲元素-东方平面设计》 2019 《品牌生命-材料金属》 2019 《品牌生命-餐饮&酒吧》 2019 《品牌创意呈现6》 2020 《中式元素视觉传达设计》 2020 《饮食品牌标识》 2020 《拆包装》 2020 《平面设计中的传统图案》 2021 《东方意识》 2021 《包装的生命: 咖啡&茶》 2021 《第十六届亚太设计年鉴》 2021 《品牌创意呈现7》 2021 《茶文化》 2021 《茶の書:茶品牌和包裝設計》 

 2018 《Brand Creation Realization V 》 2019 《Asian Elements-Graphic Design in the East》 2019 《BRANDLife Material Matters 02: Metal》 2019 《BRANDLife: Restaurants and Bars》 2019 《Brand Creation Realization VI 》 2020 《Chinese Element Visual Communication Design》 2020 《IdN v26n2: Edible Graphics》 2020 《Open the packing》 2020 《TRADITIONAL PATTERN IN GRAPHIC DESIGN》 2021 《Orient Sense 3》 2021 《PACKAGE FOR LIFE: Coffee & Tea》 2021 《16th APD Asia-Pacific Design》


⑦ Bosom

主理人&设计指导|Owner-Principal & Design Director

⑥ 圈圈

经理人&策划总监|Manager & Planning director

⑤ 牙

资深平面设计师|Senior Graphic Designer

④ 红一


③ 钊钊

平面设计师|Graphic Designer

② Hello小方