Inner Hours

Client_Inner Hours

Design Director_Bosom



Time To Market_2021

Inner Hours 内心时刻是由Susan / Bosom / RJ 共同创立的品牌。我们不断去探讨发现香薰蜡烛的各种可能性,在感受气味,点亮蜡烛时,沉浸于不同的时刻,肆放情绪,构筑属于每个人自己的内心世界。 




打开黑匣子,在青苔上漫步,用火焰,拨开片片秋叶 。



外表与内心,浮现与点亮。 点燃香薰,这一时刻,感受内心。 猜猜它的内心深处,隐藏着怎样的气息?

Inner Hours A brand co-founded by Susan/Bosom/RJ. We continue to explore the possibilities of discovering scented candles. When we feel the smell and light the candles, we immerse ourselves in different moments, let out emotions, and build our own inner world. 

Black Cherry 


Open the black box is the charm of black cherry and noisy, The flame reveals a completely different color than it appears.

Autumn Leaf Moss


Open the black box and wander on the moss, The autumn leaves were parted with fire.

Water of Life 

Open the black box what is the liquid, They intertwine with each other for life.

Appearance and heart, emerge and light. Light the aromatherapy, this moment, feel the heart. Guess what smells it hides deep inside?