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Time To Market_2019

此项目为暖树 WARMTREES — 一个在2010年创立于福州,以URBAN STREET风格为主的独立设计原创国潮男装品牌,设计的猪年利是封。"猪上树-利是封"猪上树的一年,所有的好事都会发生。灵感源于中国一句歇后语:“老母猪上树——大有进步。”采用鲜艳的色调,如紫、黄、蓝、绿、粉,与受众固有印象中的红色利是封作区分,呼应品牌独树一帜的潮流风格。画面分别为,弹簧猪上树、火箭猪上树、长腿猪上树、气球猪上树、邪恶猪上树。单个产品可作为利是封,也可将多个串联在一起,作为装饰品。

This project is for WARMTREES — an independent and original fashion men's wear brand with URBAN STREET style, founded in Fuzhou in 2010."Pig up Tree Envelope"In the year of Pig up Tree, all good things happen.The inspiration comes from a Chinese proverb: "old sows climb trees -- great progress.”The use of bright colors, such as purple, yellow, blue, green, pink, to distinguish the audience's inherent impression of the red envelope, echo brand develops a school of one's own tide style. The pictures are respectively: spring pig on the tree, rocket pig on the tree, long leg pig on the tree, balloon pig on the tree, evil pig on the tree. Individual product can be used as envelope, also can be many series together, serve as adornment.