Time To Market_2018 


This project is a brooch designed for Female sales elite in  Ximing Tea Industry BB Club, responsible for tracking the whole process from naming to design to landing.They look soft but have great energy. Performance cattle, team cattle, cultural cattle. They work hard for their dreams and strive to cultivate themselves. With the initial faith, the firm direction and the pursuit of self improvement, all the efforts have been rewarded.The brooch, on the one hand, it is the club's status symbol; On the other hand, exquisite small brooches can be used as decorations.The inspiration comes from two characters in 《Journey to the West》, which is one of the four Chinese literature classics, Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fan. Three cattles(牛) constitutes ben(犇)means,firstly, the club women are sales elite; Secondly, the importance of the team, many people advance together in a queue, the power is self-evident. The appearance of the brooch is based on the iron fan, which is feminine, and is made of plant tanned leather with brass.